Unveiling Insights: CFATF RTMG's Latest Stocktaking on De-risking in the Caribbean

Between June and November 2023, the CFATF Risk, Trends, and Method (CRTMG) conducted an updated stocktaking exercise focused on the intricate landscape of de-risking in the Caribbean region. This comprehensive review aimed to uncover the evolving dynamics, challenges, and potential pathways to address the impacts of de-risking on the region's financial stability and inclusivity.

The CRTMG's exercise delved into the multifaceted aspects of de-risking. It examined the root causes, mapping the ripple effects of correspondent banks’ decisions to sever or limit relationships, and the subsequent implications on sectors, regions, and accessibility to financial services. This holistic approach facilitated a nuanced understanding of the complexities surrounding de-risking.

The insights gleaned from this updated stocktaking exercise can aid informed decision-making. They offer stakeholders, including policymakers, regulators, financial institutions, and communities, a roadmap to navigate the challenges posed by de-risking. This report doesn't merely capture the present landscape; it's a proactive step towards fostering resilience, integrity, and greater financial inclusion in the Caribbean's evolving financial ecosystem.

Please download the report here.