Office of the Attorney General calls for anti-money laundering laws to be amended

PRESS Photo / Giovanni Lemus Reform. The attorney general requested among the reforms, additionally legislation to monitor activities and unregulated professions where there is risk of money laundering money.The 35th Plenary of the CFATF was opened in the country yesterday
Written by Suchit Chávez
Friday 25 May 2012

Amending the laws against acts of terrorism and against money and asset laundering, or the creation of a law to govern the sending of remittances and financial transfers, were among the requests made yesterday by the Attorney General of the Republic, Romeo Barahona, to the members of the Legislative Assembly.
The Attorney General made the statement at the opening of the 35th Plenary Meeting of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), which began its round of sessions on Monday.
Barahona did not provide concrete details on the legal reforms which, in his opinion, are essential in order to combat money and asset laundering.
Barahona and several officials invited to attend the meeting, such as the Superintendent of the Financial System, Víctor Ramírez, were of the view that the country is in a strong position regarding the prevention of money laundering.

CFATF examines the application of anti-money laundering measures

PRESS Photo / Giovanni Lemus  Analysis. Ana Ruiz, representing the CFATF, the attorney general, Romeo Barahona, the superintendent of the Financial System, Victor Ramirez, president ABANSA, Armando Arias, yesterday gave a press conference to discuss the country's progress in actions against the money laundering.The FGR has received 423 reports of suspicious banking transactions

Written by Jessica Ávalos
Wednesday 23 May 2012

“We are calling on the Assembly for reforms to the law on money laundering, reforms for the inspection of non-profit organisations.”
Romeo Barahona, Attorney General of the Republic

Representatives of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), an entity that monitors anti-money laundering actions in 27 Central American and Caribbean States, are meeting in the country from Monday to evaluate the strategies that will be employed by each of them in fulfilling the 40 recommendations against the laundering of assets.

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